CATCO® is a fully integrated catalytic converter manufacturer. From research to design, CATCO ensures using the best manufacturing practices and innovative technologies, providing solutions to meet customers needs for industrial and automotive emission control components. CATCO's experience and personal approach to customer service has lead them to become a premier supplier of catalytic converters to the automotive aftermarket, OEM, industrial, off-highway and marine markets worldwide.


CATCO Location

The Proimos brother’s story is one of hard work and the American dream. Entering the industry in 1975 as an undercar repair shop franchisee, they moved forward to opening and operating their own chain. In 1990 they founded AirTek, Inc., warehousing catalytic converters for their own shops as well as for sale to local muffler shops.

Growing frustrated with the availability and quality of product on the market , they began developing and testing universal and direct-fit converters of their own.

With the launch of their CATCO® catalytic converter brand,  AirTek, Inc. entered the world of manufacturing. CATCO® Catalytic Converters has fueled AirTek’s growth as the worldwide source for technologically advanced catalytic converters.

The facility in Hobart, Indiana now encompasses 140,000 square feet of manufacturing and inventory, employs 120 workers skilled in the industry, and offers over 4000 sku’s covering the automotive, industrial, off-highway and marine markets.